The weather changes like my mood

As I contemplate life at noon.

I wonder if the rain today

Has a message plain & true.

For when the sky is grey & black

And the wind is beating back

I wonder if the pain I sense

Is mere human circumstance?

Now the sunshine maybe a clue.

Behind every cloud of doubt

There’s a ray of sunlight hiding out.

That’s the same with moods,

I need to sort truth from fiction

Before I continue with my direction.

Consequences of my thoughts

Will mean more or naught

To my living. Rich or poorly

Today & tomorrow, for surely

Everything depends upon

My mood swing for now & the future!

On a showery Sunday, 10 May 2009, found poem; no clues as to why I wrote it.

A revisit to edit for posting to website – on this wet, windy Monday 3 August 2015

© stephen c douglas May 10th 2009, Lower Hutt, New Zealand