Easter Sunday 2023.

A New Day has dawned, after weeks of journeying with the LORD, we have been with him on the walk to Jerusalem, at his entry to the sound of Hosannas. In the upper room with his bread and wine shared, at the foot of the Cross while he endured the suffering of crucifixion and death.

A New Day has dawned as we recognise him in the Bread Broken, in his Word we continue to break open, and in the love, we share with each other.

A New Day has dawned and now is the time to recognise the Lord’s presence throughout our every day. There is no moment when the Risen Lord is not with us. In the mundane, the exciting, in the moments of prayer, even in moments when we choose wrongly Jesus is here in our midst. No longer restricted by bodily form, now, the breathing of his Spirit he is with us.

A New Day has dawned, and we can look into each other’s eyes and recognise his life and his joy. How often when a new-born grows, do we recognise the look of their mother, father, grandparent. In each other may we see the signature of our creator. For in baptism our hands, our feet, our voice, our eyes, our embrace, our care for others are Christ’s.

A New Day is dawned, it is time to rejoice, to celebrate, to sit down at table and share of what we have. To pop a cork and know that light will always overcome darkness. To crack a chocolate egg and to see the smiles of children who are discovering that God is a God of living life to the full.

A New Day has dawned and we, the Pastoral Team would like thank all the parishioners for your incredible participation in the life of the parish. Thank you to those in all the ministries which enable care and outreach within the parish and beyond the parish. Thank you to those who have prepared our liturgies to be celebrated so worthily in this the most sacred of weeks.

A New Day has dawned! Have a Blessed Easter!

With love and prayers, Patrick