*  ** Red Lanterns,***

*    First of the month.*


*I sit at Remembrance Park\ Levin, New Zealand\ in the twilight dark,\ staring at red lanterns\ glowing in the dark,\ taken by this unusual art.\ Alone but not forgotten\ are soldiers who died a-part\ of a means of ending war.\ They left for a far-away shore\ with hope to return is sure.\ Some did, but these did not,\ and their sacrifice, red\ lanterns glowing in the dark.*


 *This remembrance park\ is a community taking a part\ in honouring citizens who\ left their family and friends.\ Wars are happening now\ the first of the month and\ shall not cease until humans\ embrace each as friends.\ No matter race and creed,\ we must endure pain to trust\ a man’s word from his heart.*


*I pen my thoughts in the dark\ having had no part in war\ as these red lanterns glow\ a remembrance with art,\ while these did have a part,\ they shall never be apart!*

Stephen Douglas

Copyright © stephen c douglas, 1st Oct 2020, 8.30pm (daylight savings time) Levin, New Zealand