Coffee @ Pirongia,[1] NZ

Stephen Douglas

It’s a village in the Waikato, near Te Awamutu

District council Waipa, govern property affairs.

And you can circumference the quaint township

By foot or cycle ~ it matters not, it’s your choice.

Its original name has a Danish connection, as in

‘Alexandra of Denmark’[2]who married Prince Edward,

And she then became known as Princess of Wales.

Confusion with the South[3]meant a name change,

And thus, the settlement was renamed Pirongia,

After its namesake, the tallest mountain[4]in Waikato.

A river-steamer transport town, come military base,

The township flourished to a crowd.

But the railway bypass meant, decline took place

Whilst Te Awamutu benefited from the iron track.

The population of Pirongia took an ‘about-face’

But of late, city-dwellers have come to congregate (to)

Re-scent the rural village from “like a bad smell”[5]

To a fragrant balmy smell of Waikato life-style.

Where lambs bleat, bobby calves moo, and cows

Share their milk, in plastic bottles too!!


[1] The traditional name for Pirongia was ‘Pirongia te aroaro O Kahu’ meaning ‘the fragrant presence of Kahu’ his wife. [2] Pirongia – as a garrison town it was called Alexandra. [3] In 1896, the town’s name was changed to Pirongia to prevent confusion with South Island gold mining town Alexandra. [4] Mount Pirongia, 959meters. [5] Pirongia - a meaning in Maori is; ‘like a bad smell’. 

Copyright © stephen c douglas, 23rd August, 2020