Valentine’s Day - Barriers by Stephen Douglas

Barriers, be they physical or emotional circular in style or concrete in shape.\ Be they light to move or set firmly in place, confrontation is the case - \ because a barrier’s message is “keep out”. \ Whether young, midlife, or retiring living is a matter of confronting – barriers! \ Be they placed by self or someone else hoping to help with a “keep safe”.

There is the ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do that’ parental voice, buried in the inner self.\ Am I capable? Do I have the guts, are words spoken by the conscious voice.\ External choice; bring words of help or sometimes pain, but spoken by a third voice.\ Mid-way reviews, are trying; between 40 & 60, it feels barrier crashing time is the most likely choice;\ but then all comes right! Some barriers have reflective tape, to warn the weary ‘n’ old, to be bold.\

Barriers are constructive; part of health & safety in case wandering traffickers get in the way.\ Barriers are restrictive; part of law & order policing the crim’ hidden far away. \ Barriers are directive; be told & to tell which way to go, both for young and grey. Barriers are everywhere, be it a spoken word, a chastising remark or praise from a grateful heart.\ Barriers are part of living, so you’d better adjust your ways, because it depends which side you are today.\ Come hell or high water, the barrier separates the protester and the government, you and me and\ those sitting on the fence!

© stephen c douglas, 14th Feb ‘22