*We listen to the streams…… To preserve their fragile wetlands. We’re in tune with what they need, Be it quality or biodiversity. Mitigating flooding as climate change Turns our thinking a round, We listen to the streams…….*

We listen to the lands……. We’ve safeguarded more hectares from Soil erosion, by planting native trees, Poplars and willows grace their streams. Bird life and bees, revive themselves, As we re-learn what they need. We listen to the lands…..

We listen to the streams….. Testing water quality to ensure they’re Safe for swimming and pet paddles. Knowing what they need, Helps our staff to train local groups To monitor waterways in communities So, all can listen to their streams…..

© stephen c douglas, 2 March 2022 Greater Wellington Te Pane Matua Taiao WHAKARONGO TĀTOU KI TE WHENUA WE LISTEN TO THE LAND