Stephen Douglas - Kiwi Poet lives in Lower Hutt, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand.

Expressing my thoughts and feelings with poetry begun in my twenties. Since then I have turned to poetical expression as my means to speak to a topic, thought or an impression discovered in nature, writings, reading and hearing.

From simple phrases to intriguing flowers, I like to try and “hear” the poetical connection, then set this to a written format, interrupting what it is I sense.

I have written much over the years and the purpose of Kiwi Poet is to have a place where ‘completed’ poems can be shared.

Along with the words, sometimes I use an image to complement my poetical expression; these I believe help to add beauty, balance and depth.

Blessings as you read and hear your own poem!

Thank You for reading and response with a comment (contact) if you wish.