I hear a poem,  do you hear 1 2? Author: Stephen Douglas

I hear a poem

  • as I’m Walking along the street blowing through the leaves Whistling through the trees breathing upon the breeze

Do you hear one too?

Poems are lively, living all the time Do you hear words jumping into line? Thoughts alive; two a dime come rushing in to my mind As being kicked up by my feet!

I hear a poem walking along the street; do you hear one too? Don’t be shy, think aloud write free verse or any style; no cloud in the sky, means sunshine on the ground…… no cloud in the sky, means sunshine all a-round……

A repeating line gives substance and a bit of poetical chime! I hear a poem do you hear 1 2?

© stephen c douglas, November 2006 ; reworked December 2015/ 22