Psalm 46 – Rewritten by Stephen Douglas

We have our hang-out place, where we go for help, when salty. When troubles come and fam questions make us cringe, we go there, to be with our Daddy. Let the squad shake in rage, thunder light the sky or the ocean waves beat upon the shore our confidence is with Daddy ― pause and wait.

A crib with internet; live stream chat is v blessed so too the crib where Daddy lives, like my 4walls. Knowing we are safe – because Daddy is honoured here. When da bombs come and pain lurks out-doors, his help is like a new day’s dawn ― pause and wait.

Daddy is so powerful his voice can shake the earth. When He speaks our enemies flee; their bullying taunts don’t hurt us. We are not fearful ‘cause Daddy’s love is for Israel. His love is like a security guard patrolling our emotions; he is not far from us and comes when we call his name. So we need not be confused ― periodt.

Our trust is with the Daddy of our ancestors. They tell us, “He will not let you down”. ‘He’s the GOAT, the best!’ Our hang-out place; is where we go to pray, vibing. When in a mood, His Holy Spirit lifts us; be still ― and wait.

[My phone pings, I hear his voice; we chat his words assure me. I am comforted, anxiety goes, His peace is mine! YOLO so make the most of your life, rather than kill time!]

*Daddy – an attractive man, usually older, who conveys a sense of power and dominance fam and squad – circle of close friends crib – house, apartment v – very 4walls – my room periodt – end of statement G.O.A.T. – Greatest Of All Times vibing – enjoy oneself by listening to or dancing to music YOLO – You Only Live Once