Promise of Fruit to Come

by Stephen Douglas

It was an unusual sight to see

Because it was only part of the tree

Which had a bright colour, the

Rest was a brighter green

The day was hot for the time, no hint

Of what we call ‘turning of leaves’

Although a bit chilly before the sun

Comes up, but so glorious!

I wonder how often we miss the warning

Signs, of fruit to come; we aren’t

Looking, yet each season give us signs

Of what to follow, when we look ahead

The challenge of change for most of us

Is uncomfortable; we like to hold

And keep to what we know - often miss

The signs of change

This leaves many of us unprepared when

The season does change

We’re not there; not attuned to the now

Not ready for the unseen

We cling to the old, defend its purpose

Suspicious of new; even when

We need to let go of old. It takes all the

Courage to embrace the new

Growth is always in the realm of change

Growth is the promise of “fruit to come”

Though pain and heartache surround choice

The need to be brave, is bold

We need to make comfort a sacrifice – be

Attentive to decline – because

Humans like to stay the same, but we can’t

Stop life around us changing

As in nature – if a plant doesn’t grow

Unfortunately it is dying.

When we refuse to mature we get into

A tangle of emotive chaos

Behaviours which distract rather than bless;

Delay is a great tactic used by

The enemy of one’s soul – though it need

Not be so; failure is feedback

It means your alive – growing, with a

Promise of fruit to come!!

Inspired by Business Edge Monday Morning Memo

13 Feb 2017 © stephen c douglas 30 Dec.2017