Here’s a couple of poems inspired by the parable of the fig tree Stay awake for Jesus’ return.

Summer is Near

May we be like the fig tree, Putting forth leaves and bearing fruit. May we be watchful and ready, For the Master’s return, resolute.

Like roots anchored deep in soil, Our resolve unwavering, our spirits loyal. Against the winds of doubt that blow, We stand firm, our faith to show.

With branches reaching for the sky, In prayer, in hope, our spirits fly. May we be watchful, strong, and astute, For the Master’s return, resolute.”

Stay Wide-eyed

Rest is good for the body and soul. It regenerates energy and control. A resting soul sleeps well As do those who grow old

Rest is the antidote to stress. It puts to sleep your worry and concern. But a sleeping soul may be easily fooled. A little arm-folding says, “I’m fine.”

Yet too much rest could birth laziness. Like dreaming, it can hinder reality. So to be conscious of government, Intentions: stay wide-eyed.

Wide-eyedness is more than insomnia. Jesus warned: Stay awake to the season, Timing of world events and arguments. The master comes unexpectedly.

Be alert to manipulation and illusions. This is required now! Be wide-eyed or you, May join those misled. (i.e. closed-eye.) The wise are watchful and waiting.

© stephen c douglas Monday, 4 December 2023 as Kiwi Poet