….the triumph of evil is….. ……for good men to do nothing [Contributed to Edward Burke]

A mighty lot of protesting Kiwis encamped upon the lawn Slogans of Peace, Love and Unite held up, like swords are drawn

The protesters with their tents are pitched upon the lawn Friends and comrades, side by side protest since ‘mandate’ - drawn

There gathered many from afar to village upon the lawn Music, speakers, heed brother call saying “no” to the mandate law

You might have heard the Speaker say, “Sprinklers upon the lawn” And music tone of annoyance that noisy - lot, have been warned!

What held the many protesters spellbound upon the lawn? How could PM ignore the many, asking ‘mandate’ be withdrawn

Was it a protest of distrust we saw, there upon the lawn? Kiwis linked and held in awe as agitation did spawn

A stronger thing than - Protest sprung up, upon the lawn Kindred were there - yet not all together, but apart - now gone!

Next, there is the task ……of sowing, a bright new lawn

© stephen c douglas, 5th March 2022