Autumn colours are plentiful this morning, as I walk
..The pathway winding through this beautiful scenery
Thankful I have eyes to see and legs to move me.
..Gratefulness abounds in my spirit for autumn leaves
Sing praise to their living Creator; these leaves sing
..Their song of happiness, beauty, and creativeness,
I bend my ear to catch their song, to sing my praise too.

Your creation is beautiful oh LORD, God of this space
..Sapling trees are pictures of your love and grace
As they bend bough to changing colours of their face.
..I ponder how mysterious and tender is each breath
You lend me, as I admire, I hear the beating heart of
..Creation, as I walk this path of wonderment and beauty.
May I pause a-while to stop mindless chatter, to tune
..Consciousness to the frequency of Your amazing art,
And breathe in the inspiration of creation’s scenery
...............I’ve found this morning, I walk my winding path.

For Terry K in response to pictures posted his Facebook page
Words by Stephen Douglas

© stephen c douglas, 23/04/2020