Memories dance about inside my head, telling me not to cry / just because they come alive when I lull my mind in sleepless state / doesn’t mean they are bad / it is just they’ve had their day.

But they come alive as images of fate. Images bounce to and fro, as some come to the fore, while I reconcile present with past / and things become back too fast.

I toss and turn, wondering / if I be back there in the past, had I tried a different tack / would I have lived another track? / The feeling of lose, betrayal / become, so real I wonder who am I now.

But then I know it is a dream / a research of my past events / as image after image come alive / and I hear myself cry with fear / as I tell myself, to reconcile with the past / because that was then and now is now.

What happened has happened / and today is not that day, thus be brave/ accept the reality but become conscious / about the fact, and turn aside from regret.

Say ‘Yes’ to the act of yesteryear, but be awake to now / don’t let the tangle of what was then / twist and bend your emotions now.

Accept things happened, which can be recalled with regret / but then resolve not to repeat / but repent and with the happiness of a new day / gather past emotions into a pile / set them free.

They be part of me / but not to the point they cripple me! Lockdown, is a reality but so is getting out of bed / dressing up in ones best, is the test of maturity.

There is no denying but acceptance / that past deeds are real / but they need not spoil / who I am today.

Who I am now, is most important / for there is the need to help myself / be who I can be, to those who love me and are with me now!

Stephen Douglas

© stephen c douglas, 30 August 2021