Lake Nga-Roto

Somewhere in-between

stephen douglas

You speak words of adoration!\ Sing your favourite phrase,\ yet there is lack, a lack\ in your habit of praise.\ Somewhere in-between\ logic and knowing without\ doubt your belief is real;\ beyond explanation, and\ not because someone\ else told me so.

Somewhere in-between

Today it’s balancing faith\ the quality of belief with\ maintenance of sanity.\ Somewhere in-between\ preservation is a must in\ building a habit of prayer.\ So pray, yet don’t pray\ out of habit, because faith\ is not only words, but\ an action from belief!

Somewhere in-between

High, low, which way to go?\ Forsaking all appears good\ not in control seems scary.\ Somewhere in-between\ gives the lake its lively flow\ to create a more natural\ seasonal lake level and\ improve wetland habitat\ seems the way to go.

(So a replacement weir was\ started, some time ago, to\ give the lake its natural feel.)

Somewhere in-between

As for me a belief and a\ habit of prayer and praise\ is for my soul; for faith\ ‘comes from hearing’.\ Somewhere in-between\ hearing creates and strength-\ ens my spiritual weir,\ to ensure there is balance\ between highs and lows\ for a more natural flow.

Lake Nga-Roto, you helped\ me today, to know there’s a\ place ‘somewhere in-between’\ which the Holy Spirit knows!

copyright © stephen c douglas,

Sunday 26 July 2020, at Lake Ngaroto,\  near Pirongia and Te Awamutu,

North Island, New Zealand