Isolation (Easter Sunday 2020) by Stephen Douglas
In isolation, in wondering, in uncertainty, in waiting, we are
In a room. The room maybe a favourite place, a temporary place,
A wilderness place, an isolation place, but we are creatures
Who go to a room, when seeking peace, when weeping,
When uncertainty is the raging force
When heart-break is tearing the inside
When an expected 'messiah' is led away
When peace has turned to war and heart cries!
On this Easter Sunday there is a remembrance of folk
Whom spent their night in a room, a common place
In darkness of night, in darkness of doubt, they waited
While the crucifixion festered; where sorrow held pain,
Where hope once did abound
Where anticipated expectation was slain
Where personal meaning had been found
Where their 'messiah' now lay death bound!
The next morning, two venture out of the room
Seeking words of comfort, they ask the question "who
Will roll the stone away"? But behold, the stone is gone!
There in place are two men saying “Tell them he is risen"!
Tell them not to doubt or cry,
Tell them your surprise at the empty tomb
Tell them, not to fear for His word is truth
Tell them the Messiah as promised, is alive!
Jesus' disciples had fled the Jews, to their locked room
In isolation they tried to comfort and console each other
Like we do today; with stories, jokes, video clips of
Pandemic engulfing countries. Our room is my space
Our room is far from the maddening crowd
Our room is away from the empty tomb.
Our room is personal; it’s in isolation we wait
Our room today can become our sanctuary
…………As we contemplate the fullness of His resurrection!
Please listen to:- Christ has Risen (room to room) from pastor Karl
St Paul’s Waiwhetu, face book page for his video chat
© stephen c douglas, 12/04/2020