Hope through Tragedy

Author: Stephen Douglas

I look up – To the Table Mountain Range, Cape of Good Hope Does my strength come from these mountains? Not so; some days they’re hidden by table cloth cloud Other days, snow spreads her white frosty lace upon them Yet another, shadow cloud comes and lays his blanket Of darkness around, and wind and rain blind my view So the sun fails to find them for me. I am sad – My soul is heavy with anguish and laughter has left me Distort I go about my day a-drift, on an ocean of pain. I tell myself joy will come in the morning but it is delayed Worry fills me; petition and prayers go unanswered. Now grief fines its shelter within and I am bowed heavy, In weakness, sighs of disbelief escape my mouth. Friends gather in supplication we enjoy the fruit of friendship I am revived – [In grief I sort the LORD, the Bible becomes like bread to my body Stricken with sorrow my soul finds comfort, my mind gains insight My feeble hands renew their strength as I meditate on life’s lessons Preserved for my good in this history of mankind, this manual of instruction] I look up – To the Table Mountains at the Cape of Good Hope Does my strength come from these mountains? No, my strength comes from God; Who made heaven, earth, ocean and these mountains. Though the apple tree does not bud, there be no fruit on the vines Though the wheat crop fails and the fields produce no food. Though there are no sheep for shearing no cows in the shed, Yet will I trust in the Lord I will rejoice in God my salvation. Yahweh my Lord is my strength He makes my feet like those of a deer And enables me to walk on high mountains The starling feeds her young the rose bud blooms into flower Spring lambs abound in fields and mist lifts from the mountains I sense hope through tragedy rise in my soul, and I find my rest –

Written in response to testimony of Johan & Elsie Fourie, at Rock Church; coping with loss of their 2 dear boys

© stephen c douglas, May 2011