Are you weary,

Tired, exhausted, as you do the routine of living? Does it seem like you’re drained, worn out From keeping daily responsibilities and priorities? In fact, could it be said, “disillusion, fed up” are words Which churn within your head as your life light goes behind A cloud of despair and all seems to be lost, right now.

Does verse one describe your feelings which could be physical, Emotional and even getting onto mental strain?

Well, there is an old time Jewish prophet, who tells us today We don’t need to become entrenched with such feelings. He tells us, that humans will be sapped of their strength, We will get weary and the race can seem long. Life’s pressure may be burdensome today and tomorrow But there is a way to relieve these feelings, right now.

Does verse two create a sense of hope that all is not doom and Gloom – feelings are natural but it is how we respond, right?

Isaiah’s encouragement is found in the flight of the eagle - He says, we humans should pin our hope in the Lord; he who Made the eagle to soar, with strength and confidence. He’s quite capable of giving you the uplifting strength of spirit To run and not grow weary; to walk and not faint; as we Centre our hope in the LORD – Yahweh creator of life.

Think about it: All, at some point of living feel weary, strength less But a new hope-strength is available through Yahweh. We will soar on wings like an eagle, we will run and not grow weary, Walk and not faint – as you wait, hope on the LORD, new strength From Him, will lift you up; like the eagle soars on the wind currents Above, so too you. In fact we can be lifted by the Spirit of Love.

Based upon devotion ‘Soar, Run, Walk’ by Pastor Allen Jackson, 28 October, 2022 - Isaiah 40 verse 31 Prayer: Heavenly Father, You are my hope and I put my trust in You. When I am discouraged, You are my encourager. May your Holy Spirit bring peace and strength to me. Thank You for delivering me from anything diminishing momentum in You. In Jesus’ name, amen. © stephen c douglas, 16 Nov 22, as kiwi poet – go to