Lectio Divina

John 6: 1-15

By Stephen Douglas

There’s this story told from years ago

That a man named Jesus fed thousands,

Simply by blessing 5 loaves and 2 fish

That while his disciples began to distribute

What had been blessed, the hungry did eat.

That little did multiply into much and when

Every-one had had enough, so much so

That 12 baskets of crumbs were gathered up

(One for each disciple, I suppose). The satisfied crowd

That day sort him to be king but Jesus was not for this!

And escaped their plan by returning to the hill.

That story my friend has a lesson for us today.

Simply entrust into Jesus’ hands, the little we have.

That is what I find this story tells me; be like this

Little boy, who offered Jesus what he had, so

That everyone’s hunger would be satisfied – Bread

‘n’ Fish a simple dish - you and me may wish for more

That fine dining score; 5 course with wine. But the

Need is basic so the provision is not excessive

That’s important to know! – Need and wish are not the same

Hunger was met that day (with more aside) but their wish for king

That, Jesus did not bless. But that my friend,

Is another lesson!

©stephen c douglas July 30, 2018

Lectio; latin for lesson – the action of reading out

In the centuries-old tradition of lectio divina –which is Latin for sacred reading – it is suggested that, before or after your morning or evening meditation, you read a passage of scripture. After reading this go back to it, either then or later, and spend some time – even 15 or 20 minutes if you can - reverently turning the passage over in your heart. Read slowly and lovingly, pausing whenever the words draw you into silence. Close your eyes and experience the meaning of the words for you now. But even more, experience the presence found in them. Let the reality of the words become more and more a part of your being. (The World Community of Christian Meditation; Adapted from - The Burning Heart,Gregory Ryan)