*“Where will the bellbird sing…… if the heart of the flax bush is gone?”*

One song from the heart of inspiration is worth a thousand tries (pause) draw me into your presence… A place kept especially by your side; may I prepare myself to be ready…

My heart is filled with many good desires but may I know how to trust your faithfulness… If the heart is empty of good desires preparation is a vain hope.

May I seek preparation which is honouring of your presence \ May I put away imagination which is upsetting and of little value, \ If the heart is empty where will the soul sing?

Bring me into your presence, settle my soul close by your side\ Where I may find dripping nectar to satisfy.\ Draw me into your presence, where my soul finds good,\ which fills my heart with one true song of love. Where will the soul sing….. if the spirit of the human being is gone?

“Satisfy us in the morning with Your faithful love so that we may shout with joy and be glad all our days.”

Inspiration Sunday 28th Feb. 2021; morning service song leader reading from Song of Songs quoting the word ‘side’, from this I wrote some thought lines. At Tanners Point conservation with Eric and Rachel Gamperle helped build my thoughts. The title/opening lines come from the notice board at the point.\ Closing stanza; ’Song of Moses’ quote from Olive Tree Bible reading; \ Psalms 90 v 14



copyright © stephen c douglas, 12/03/21