By Stephen Douglas

“Am I my brother’s keeper, shouted the stranger from the back. Tell my brother to divide the family inheritance with me”. “Who made me your attorney or arbitrator” was the reply and turning aside, He continued his story with those nearby.

Saying, “Be aware, a man’s life is more than abundance. Much possessions can become a wealthy man’s trap”. Having given his opinion to the intruder, He turns his back to continue to entertain his audience, with another story.

He cleared his throat, swept back his hair, and spoke. “There was this average, middle aged business man who liked to buy and sell shares, to double his portfolio. One day he reasoned, why should I do with less when I have many years left. Many days to consider the fate of what is to happen when I am dead. Who gets what and how to share my wealth; the little I’d have left.

“I will amalgamate my portfolio into one, sell the excess buy another property, purchase government bonds while there is much country debt, then consider my future. Saying Soul, ease back, employ a chef, take an overseas cruise, return back for a life of ease and a well-earned rest.

“But one night, coming late to his mansion, from a day of trading, and a beer with friends of many years. A strong pain gripped his chest, he heaved his breath, struggled for another, to fend off this murderous attack. He collapsed upon his Persian rug, looked at his Rolex, and wished he knew how to make the sign of the cross.

“The pain came again. His phone was near, but he couldn’t focus his eyes to see, then like a thundering voice he heard these death threat words in his head; ‘You fool, if only you had kept the doctor’s appointment, instead regrouping your wealth’.

“Now I am dying, and whose will it be? Some unknown brat who has never shifted his ass, always lived above his class! The business man’s heart pumped its last, as he lay on his back, looking at gold leaf figurines and large famous paintings, isolating on the wall. He thought again, what a fool I am, to ignore my health, to purse much wealth. Now before I am ready there’s a red sky and the clouds are passing me by. He wept and dreamt of hearing the voice of him whom said,

‘Were one stores his treasure, there will also be his heart’”.

My version The Rich Fool (Luke 12) written from notes for church group, 1 Nov 2017

© stephen c douglas, 30 Apr. 20;