I love my Harley darling, she’s slick & clean,\ she beams as i ride along the highway,\ her low slung body takes the curvy bends\ as other riders turn their heads to see\ how i lean her low; enough not to go topsy-turvy.

I love my Harley darling, like a true biker should;\ she’s my pride and joy, i spend time and money keeping her roadworthy; she doesn’t disappoint!\ ‘cause i do my best to balance her; not to go topsy-turvy.

I love my Harley darling, give her what she loves best that throttle thrust, as we roar past slower drivers. We zoom with fun and laughter, as two lovers stoked they’re together enjoying the ride and not topsy-turvy.

I love my Harley darling Breakout, she responds with- out disappointment; all we need to do is follow the CVO to be sure we ride and roll, without road spills. Though it would be a little lie, not to say there have been ills and some days which are topsy-turvy - ‘cause we’re simply, a loving motorbike guy & girl!*

*Custom Vehicle Operation ™models represent the pinnacle of Harley-Davidson style & design. Copyright © stephen c douglas, (14 April ‘22) as kiwi poet