“Walking with rain and me, can be a gain because you’re outside, moving. The rain is refreshing”, and I say, “you have time to muse.” Now I have you dressed for rain, slip yourself outside and turn right. Stroll, (don’t rush) for the bus stop. Wait for number 90*, Gateway Cemetery. Keep a smile, think positive phrases such as; ‘walking with rain is good for me’; ‘it helps me keep my living plain.’ Tell yourself, I need not fear, a cemetery is simply a place to rest. As we walk, I say “The rain helps wash over the soul of pain”. You find a spot to pause, and I pause too. You, breathe in new air, to help repair. Together in the rain, we let nature come inside. We spy a point of interest and I say, “The stream is brown” and you reply “Been raining in the hills”. I nod and release a flow of dammed up woe, just like the piece of driftwood floating by. You splash a puddle at me and we both laugh deep inside; as the rain showers come again.

As we near the newest plot “Don’t rush”, I caution “you’ll trip and do yourself some harm, which will take away the fun for both of us, walking with rain.” Keep an open mind and I’ll keep my half-cocked plan, to see if you can withstand the pressure of living with a murderous past. Don’t mind the darkening sky. Understand the ‘star’ is a thank you sign that you deserve what you’ll get. As you cock your neck to stare, be mindful that your next step will be a halting between life and death. My plan is to slip alongside give a push and see you fall head long into the pit, as I place my razor blade mark against your flesh, as my sign of death! Next, I’ll leave alone content I’ve buried my past with its coat and leggings to keep them dry, as they die. I’ll head back home, go inside and close the door!

Then, it will rain again.

• Ninety in Hebrew, is associated with ‘sorrow and sufferings of travails when strength is spent.’ (Appendix – God’s truths Hebrew; saints suffering).

© stephen c douglas, 14th June 2022, for poet.kiwi\ (written for Writers Table Lower Hutt, July assignment ; thriller use of word ‘star’)