Accept My Thanks

Accept my thanks, LORD, for all you have done My hands where empty and you filled them! Look kindly toward me Lord I have done my time I’ve worked the land you gave me Now I pass it on. What you put into my hands I have been careful to attend too; To make a shelter for whanau and beast. You guided me and I listened You gave me instruction and I obeyed You supplied and I offered my hands Show me mercy Lord before I die! Selah The sale pens remind me How you’ve blessed my labouring’s My house is a symbol of provision How you spoke and I believed. Now strengthen me once more LORD, I need your justice Where I have done wrong – forgive!

Northland Tour (with Ultrik) Old house with sheep pens: 2707 State Highway 4 Owhango; 3 Oct © stephen c douglas; as kiwi poet & photo shoots; 22 Oct ‘23