by Stephen Douglas

Jesus you mingled with the crowd and Mary came to anoint your feet. may I too humble myself, come away from my ‘google’ crowd, and allow your Spirit to lead me. To pause, to give way to stillness  and there engage in communion  with thee, Jesus the Nazarene.

Scripture describes me  like a sheep; gone astray,  going my own way.  I repent of my going away and Bow with humility of spirit, mind and will.  I pause, and ask for your love to wash.

Now may the Father’s love come freely  in union with his Holy Spirit. Guide and teach me\  how to do as Mary did,  with tears and perfume,  bow at Jesus’ feet and there,  wash with tears of joy your feet.

Jesus\ you’re the Father’s appointed sacrifice  atonement, now complete.  I rejoice and enjoy the embrace  of Saviour Christ,  who makes my living complete!

© stephen c douglas, 19 September 2022 Taken from iPad notes, draft 1/9/21 & feb 22