After reading a few inspirational quotes on change and a poem these placed me in a nostalgic frame of mind, hence the following words were penned

Change comes to change us (Meenu Suini)

A new day comes as the sun stirs the earth\ and I in turn am stirred to rise again from sleep\ to switch my thoughts and prayers on\ to recall the dream I dreamt:

I saw myself to be like a little seed\ dropped into the crevice of a mighty rock \ and there I was bound to be, so I set about \ allowing myself to be free by responding to \ the impulse to grow, \ though my place be a tight squeeze.

Over time, enough warmth, rain and air \ made its way to me down here, so be it \ I began to struggle with wondering why me \ and why this place, it stifles me! \ how can I become a large native tree \ stuck in this damp dark crevice?

Growth began and did not stop, pushing me \ passed the confines of physical space. \ it seemed an inner pulse combined with \ thoughts and dreams were pulling me! \ So much so, I began to push aside \ that which did confine my true self.

Well, it seemed to be forever, I was struggling \ to reach the top but one day it happened \ I was out and above, waving my branches \ in the daylight, smiling at my surroundings, \ pleased that thoughts and dreams \ like reaching hands had brought me out \ to see, what I thought was a mighty rock \ were really stones, atop and aside\ not to hinder but to free me!

Many years I’ve spent growing tall and strong\ enough to surpass obstacles and tempering \ weather storms, which helped me. \ And now that I be tall and am dropping \ seeds of my own, down to the ground \ I have formed this poem to \ tell those who surround me:-

“Small is the start of all, because it’s not \ possible to begin at full growth; for \ it’s enduring the pain of growing which \ enables everyone to become who they \ are designed to be - that includes me \ lodged in the crevice of my mighty Rock!”

“Continuity gives us roots; change gives us some branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights”- (Pauline R Kezer) Came across this quote after writings my words; very appropriate, I thought!

Stephen Douglas

© stephen c douglas. 29th December, 21

Too many people think the grass is greener somewhere else but the grass is greener, where you water it – Remember that! (author unknown)