To sow (seed, land with seed): (figurative) to scatter or disperse; to spread or propagate. (rare) to beget; to originate. I use ‘anaphora’ (a form of repetition) and ‘acrostic’ to enhance the poetical expression. The first letter of ‘the kingdom’ is the seed sowed. The reader/listener is invited to read/hear the ‘am I’ in the title as themselves. What Am I Sowing . . . . . . .

The seed ofTruth – let my ‘yes’be ‘yes and my ‘no’ be ‘no’\

The seed ofHunger – for righteousness to be blessed and filled\

The seed of Endurance – not resisting; pleased to help wherever I go

The seed of Knocking – so the door will be opened\

The seed of Identity – knowing my Heavenly Father cares for me so\

The seed of Narrow Gate – though the way be difficult, it leads to life!\

The seed of Giving – in secret, where my Father’s reward will glow\

The seed of Discernment – willing to reconcile quickly; then offer my gift\

The seed of Ownership – a heavenly treasure, where moth and rust can’t grow\

The seed of Mercifulness – to show mercy as I sow

For I am sowing ‘The Kingdom’ seed to ensure I have a good foundation so trials and tribulations will not knock me! Quote: we decide our tomorrow by our sowing today* Used for my devotional talk, 1st Nov 22, Lower North Island Good New Vanners safari Based upon Matthew’s Gospel; Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. © copyright stephen c douglas, for kiwi poet